Best Supplements for Labradors (2022)

Best Supplements for Labradors
Supplements can be an important part of your Labrador’s health. Here we list our favorite supplements for Labradors that may benefit your dog. While not always needed, there are many dogs that depend on them to aid in their quality... Read more

How to Train a Labrador Retriever to be Calm

Training Labrador Retrievers to be calm
When most people think of Labrador Retrievers, they think of a high-energy and excitable breed of dog. For large families with an active lifestyle, they usually have no trouble burning off some of this excess energy. However, there are some... Read more

Best Dog Treats for Labrador Retrievers (2022)

Best Treats for Labrador Retrievers, yellow lab
Treats are an important part of the way that we bond with our dogs, and this is especially true for the Labrador Retriever. The average Labrador is very food motivated. He’s sure to remind you when it’s time for breakfast... Read more

Hip Dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers

Hip Dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers
When you own a Labrador retriever, it is important to know about common illnesses that could potentially affect your pup. Problems like ear and skin issues can vary in their degree of intensity, but few disorders can negatively impact quality... Read more

Microchipping Your Labrador Retriever

Microchipping your Labrador Retriever
Nearly 10 million pets go missing each year here in the United States. Millions of these pets end up in animal shelters, and sadly, only 15% of them are ever reunited with their owners. Microchips are used to assist in... Read more