A How to Guide: Crate Training a Lab Puppy

Crate Training a Lab Puppy
Crate training a Lab Puppy is a challenging job – one that requires patience and persistence above all else. Labrador retrievers are a bit of a special challenge, given their high energy levels and need for human attention and interaction.... Read more

Training a Labrador Retriever: The Complete Guide to Success

Training a Labrador Puppy
Whether you are thinking of becoming the lucky pet parent to a labrador retriever, or already have a fur baby at home, it’s important to educate yourself and your family on how to train a Labrador retriever at any age.... Read more

Are Labrador Retrievers Good With Cats?

re Labrador Retrievers good with Cats Kitten
If you own a Labrador and are considering adding a cat, or vise versa, you are not alone. But are Labrador Retrievers good with cats? Contrary to what Hollywood has portrayed, cats and dogs can live in harmony. Become educated... Read more

How to Train a Labrador Retriever to be Calm

Training Labrador Retrievers to be calm
When most people think of Labrador Retrievers, they think of a high-energy and excitable breed of dog. For large families with an active lifestyle, they usually have no trouble burning off some of this excess energy. However, there are some... Read more

Running With Your Labrador Retriever

Running with Labrador Retriever
A fun, active way of spending time with your Labrador Retriever is to take them running with you. Labradors make excellent running partners.They love to run, and their enthusiasm will definitely encourage you. It is one of the best ways… Read more