Dog Treats for Labrador Retrievers

Dog Treats for Labrador Retrievers

Below are our picks for the best dog treats for Labrador Retrievers. You can also view our article on Best Dog Treats for Labrador Retrievers to learn more.

Best Veterinary Dog Treats 

Virbac CET Enzymatic Hygiene Chews

The C.E.T. dental chews from Virbac are a type of dental chew that is coated in an enzyme used to reduce plaque and tartar. They are one of my favorites because it takes several minutes for my dogs to finish them. 

Best Commercial Dog Treats

Smartsticks Rawhide Free Dog Chew

SmartBones SmartSticks treats are easy to digest and are a healthy alternative to rawhide treats. They are made from chicken and vegetables and contain peanut butter.

Best Healthy Dog Treats

Glycoflex 3 Hip & Joint Support for Dogs

Treats like Glycoflex chews from VetriScience are excellent sources of glucosamine and Perna or green-lipped mussel, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains omega-3 fatty acids.